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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Amtrak Crescent Rocking 

With a small but mighty crowd, New Orleans took us back. Same with Hattiesburg and then last night Jackson, Mississippi. The rock is on in fine form, I believe.

And now we are gathering steam. A show for Tuscaloosa tonight and then Birmingham will need to prepare.

The trains rides are FANTASTIC. I'll post some picutures before too long. Amtrak has two for one buddy passes they're giving away, and a true ticket/trip give away will hopefully be in place starting in Birmingham on wednesday.

Please spread the word that we are on the way north, and note a date was added in Hoboken, NJ.

More show date info here at http://www.thescottmiller.com

I'll post again soon with more, if this doesn't annoy people too much. You'll be getting more email on the mailing list for the next couple of weeks because all the weblog entries at http://scotmiller.blogspot.com are sent to this list too.

D-Day museum in N.O.
How lots of people look like Huey Long


Sunday, January 18, 2004

God Only Knows 

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow....
The Sun'll come out tomorrow....
If I leave here tomorrow...

And I do leave here tomorrow. I'll do my best to keep up with entries; I have no idea who will read these things. Hopefully, they'll make some sort of sense.

All Aboard the Amtrak Crescent! Thanks to all who have helped put this tour together: Amtrak ( Caroline, Hank), Sugar Hill, Molly Nagel, Rick Cady, Brad Hunt, Joie Todd Kerns, Elissa Sanders, The Commonwealth, John Scheib, Don Walker, Jeff Davis, Johnny Wright-wing, Scott Carpenter, David Glover, Mary Helen Glover, anybody I've missed and my kick-ass wife, Thea who has put up with me ranting and dreaming over the last few months.

Let the journey begin.


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